10 Easy Engagement Poses/Advice

Easy For Any Couple To Take Great Photos

Not everybody can jump in front of a camera and rock out some awesome pictures. Let's be honest most of us are not in a photo shoot everyday so we need a little more guidance and direction. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you rock out those amazing photos you are looking for!

Advice Tip 1.

Meet your photographer or Videographer before.

This will help break the ice and make things a little less awkward. You will be able to connect with him/her and build a better rapport beforehand.

Tip 2. Pick a Good Location

Find somewhere you feel comfortable with or enjoy. Also try taking photos somewhere you and your partner find special such as where you first meet, your first date, a park you go to all the time, the spot where he proposed. If you think or know you don't like to take photos in public try going somewhere more private. Anything to make you feel more comfortable is going to help make the posing easier.


Your 10 Easy Engagement Poses

#1 Holding Hands

Holding hands is probably the best one to start with to break the ice and get rid of some of those nerves.

#2 Hugs!

Bring it on in for a big hug, get close, leap into each other's arms, snuggle up!

#3 Nose to Nose/ Forehead to Forehead

Getting close, looking into your partner's eyes, maybe whisper something to your partner to bring out a laugh or a beautiful smile.

#4 Back to Front

Easy to see both couples' faces, wrap an arm around one another. Kissing the cheek.

#5 A light Kiss

Don’t eat your partner's face just a light kiss like your grandma is watching.

#6 Dip and Kiss

Seems scary but quite simple with a few instructions. Guys feet shoulder feet apart, girls in front facing his left or right. The guy will wrap his arm around the girl's waist. The girl will then take one arm and grab onto the back of his neck and use her other arm to place it on the center of his chest. Then lean back slowly and tada and finish with a sweet kiss!

#7 Ring Shots

Tight shots of the ring holding hands, or holding hands and one ring is placing around mid arm.

#8 Fun Food Photos

Sharing an ice cream together, cotton candy, Picnic, Coffee, beer, wine anything that fits your style.

#9 Playful Photos

Piggy back ride, Spinning safely

#10 Blanket Photos

Sitting in his lap, Laying on your backs, or throwing the black over your shoulders and bringing it in!

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