Easy Wedding Day Poses For Unforgettable Photos

Updated: Mar 7

After your wedding day is over and you look back at your wedding photos, You want them to remind you of those amazing moments! It's crucial to finding a good photographer to not only capture those moments but be able to guild you though your day! Here are a few easy wedding day poses for some unforgettable photos!

The "Chase" Pose

This pose is great for video and picture and can be done with the bride leading or the Groom.

The "Nose To Nose' Pose

Great for close ups and romantic looks.

The "Love Bound" Pose

Easy and looks great! You're able to get a great look at your flowers and dress while having a good profile shot of you and your Groom.

Marry Me Tampa Bay

The " Twirl Of Love" Pose

Amazing shot for video and photos with being able to show off your dress. If you don't feel comfortable spinning in circles due to the fact that your in heels, possibly stepping on your dress or just getting dizzy you can also just get in position as show below and take your one open hand and sway your dress back and forth creating the same look without falling over or twisting an ankle!

Bow Tie Love

The "Look Back" Pose

Great photos that can be done without much hassle and is a great pose to show off the back of your dress.

Tessa Tadlock

The "M" Pose

I call it the "M" pose due to when done right the groom and bride holdings hands looks like a the letter M.

The "Love Lean" Pose

Looks kind of intimidating but easy to do with a few simple instructions. First the bride must place one arm around the grooms neck and the other hand can either hold the bouquet down at her side. If you don't have the bouquet, no worries just place your hand on the center of the grooms chest. Gentlemen take one hand and place it on her upper back and the take your other arm and grab her waist as show below. Once everybody is in place slowly lean back and "Camera Sound" you have successfully completed the "Love Lean" Pose!

The "Hug From Behind'' Pose

Great pose to whisper something funny or romantic into your partners ear and sneak a few kisses in!

The Great Kiss

Guys hands on her waist girls take one hand and hold the back of is head and with your other hand drape it off his back.

The Lift And Laugh

Amazing photo idea but I would defiantly practice this before you try it in a wedding dress.

The Sparkler Shot!

This is always a fun one and probably my most favorite!

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