Engagement Photo Ideas When the Weather Sucks

Sometimes the weather doesn't always like to corporate especially in Minnesota! So here are some quick ideas that might spark a cool idea of your own!

Embrace The Weather!

Sometimes you will have to just go with it! Rain or sun there is always a moment waiting to be captured.

Coffee Shops

Finding a local coffee shop or somewhere you go often together for breakfast or a cup of coffee can always be a great spot.

Meg Layman Photography

Local Restaurants

Finding a restaurant can be hard sometimes due to some rules/regulations but if the owner allows it there is a lot of protentional for some great shots!

Meg Layman Photography

The Library

Quite but fun! Lots of lines of symmetry make for awesome photos!


Green House

Who doesn't love the smell of flowers! Great opportunity for some beautiful greenery photos even if it's not so green outside!

Emily Magers Photography

Your Own Home

Never have to leave the front door if you don't want to! There is plenty of cool ideas and comfort in your own home!

Junebug Weddings

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