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I'm looking for newly engaged couples who want fun and elegant engagement photos who don't mind being a little bold with locations and are willing to laugh a lot!

This offer is ONLY FOR 4 COUPLES who are immensely in love and will do what it takes to get those MAGNIFICENT engagement photos! The winners will be announced through email or my Private FB Group!

WHY? Well, Why Not?

Hi, my name is Zachariah, I'm a professional videographer and photographer Local in St.Paul Minnesota. One of the many reasons why I choose to do this is I love meeting new couples and learning their story of how they met. Also, to explore new places, play around with fun posing techniques, and ultimately have a good time without having to worry about shooting "what's expected" out of a typical engagement shoot!

If this sounds like you and your fiance', Fill out a submission form below and we'll be in touch soon!


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